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Sri. Kasuganti Lxminarsimha Rao was born on 31st January, 1916 in Chintaltana village to Sri. Kasuganti Narayan Rao and Smt. Chandramma. Sri Kasuganti Narayana Raoís native place is at Muthyampet in Mallial Mandal , Karimnagar of District. He had three daughters (Smt. Radha Devi, Smt. Indira Devi, Smt. Subhadra Devi) and five sons (Sri. Rajeshwar Rao, Sri. Laxminarsimha Rao, Sri. Umapathi Rao, Sri. Gopal Rao and Sri. Sriranga Rao).


Sri Laxminarsimha Raosís brother-in-law was a former IAS officer from Kalleda, Sri Vardha Rajeshwar Rao. The other brother-in-law is Sri. T.Kishan Rao of Akkannapet Mandal. He was a district Judge. The other brother-in-law is the famous contractor,Sri. R.Kishan Rao (Nachupally).

Sri. Rajeshwara Rao was the eldest brother and younger brothers were Sri. Govind Rao, Sri. Umapathy Rao, Sri.Sriranga Rao.


Urdu , was the medium of study in those days for Sri. Kasuganti Laxminarsimha Rao. His primary education was done in Jagtial town, which is around 40 kms from Karimnagar. Later on his Secondary education was done in Karimnagar. In early 1930, with the help of Gundavarapu Jaganath Rao, he and others shared a house to pursue higher education.

After schooling he studied FA (Intermediate), equivalent to BA (Bachelor of Arts). While studying BA, he was encouraged by Sri Narayan Rao to take up Law. In those days, Law classes were conducted in the premises of High Court. He passed law in First Division and his seniors were Anthagiri Narayan Rao, Regunta Ranga Rao and Akkanapet Kishan Rao. He stayed in the Reddy Hostel, Hyderabad, while pursuing his studies. After getting his Law degree he worked as a junior under the famous lawyer, Chakunta Govind Rao.


He started practicing Law in 1937-38, which went on for the next 33 years. He was active in politics, when he was still a student. He was very fond of Mumbai Chronicle paper and Mahatma Gandhi.

 He was Chairman, Acting Chairman, Marketing Society Chairman of Jagtial Muncipality. He was President, Mallial Samiti and later Vice-Chairman, Karimnagar Zilla Parishad in 1959. He was elected as a MLA in the by-elections from Jagtial  on  2nd April, 1963. In the general elections of 1967, he was elected unanimously. In 1972, he was again given the Congress party ticket for the general elections by the former Prime Minister Sri. P.V.Narasimha Rao. This he politely declined and expressed that the same to be given to the upcoming youth.

He was nominated as the Chairman of Super Bazaar in 1973. After a few months, he resigned from this post, because of the corruption prevalent in the organization. From 1974, he retired from active politics and is presently the member of Metpally Khadi Board.


Sri Kasuganti Laxminarsimha Rao, got married to Smt. Kausalya Devi of Kalleda village, Warangal District, in the year 1936 at the age of 20 years.

Sri. Kasuganti Laxminarsimha Rao has two daughters and three sons. The eldest daughter is Smt. Bonala Nirmala Devi, who was the former Chairman of AP Velama Associations, Womens Wing. She is married to the famous advocate and freedom fighter, Sri. Bonala Krishna Rao. They have four children and seven grandchildren. His second daughter is Dr.Saraswati Devi, one of the first women doctors from the Velama Community and is married to the renowned contractor Sri.Tangada Prakash Rao, of Jeelugula  village. They have two children, a grandson and a granddaughter.

The eldest son is Wing Commander(retd.) K.Prabhakar Rao, married to (late) Sukanya Devi, of Painampally village , they have two children and two grandchildren. The second son is, Sri. K.Sudhakar Rao, an engineer, married to Smt. Vijayalakshmi, of Mohanraopet village. They have two children and three grandchildren. The youngest son is Sri. K.Vaman Rao, a Chartered Accountant and is married to Smt. Subashini of Lingagiri village and have two children.



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